Product Summary

The MC1404P5 is a precision low drift voltage reference. Advances in laser-trimming and ion-trimplanted devices, as well monolithic fabrication techniques, make the MC1404P5 stable and accurate to 12 bits over both military and commercial temperature ranges. Applications of the MC1404P5 include: Voltage Reference for 8 to 12 Bit D/A Converters, Low TC Zener Replacement, High Stability Current Reference and MPU D/A and A/D Applications.


MC1404P5 absolute maximum ratings: (1) Input Voltage, VIN: 40V; (2) Storage Temperature Tstg: -65 to +150°C; (3) Junction Temperature Tj: +175°C; (4) Operating Ambient Temperature Range TA: 0 to +70°C.


MC1404P5 features: (1) Output Voltages: Standard, 5.0V, 6.25V, 10V; (2) Trimmable Output: > ±6%; (3) Wide Input Voltage Range: Vref + 2.5 V to 40V; (4) Low Quiescent Current: 1.25mA Typical; (5) Temperature Coefficient: 10 ppm/°C Typical; (6) Low Output Noise: 12μ V p-p typical; (7) Excellent Ripple Rejection: > 80dB Typical.


MC1404P5 Pin Connections