Product Summary

The M22101B1 is a 4×4×2 crosspoint switches with control memory. The M22101B1 consists of 4x4x2 arrays of crosspoints (transmission gates) , 4-line to 16-lined ecoders, and 16 latch circuits. The M22101B1 must be turned off by putting the strobe hight, data-in-low, and the addressing all switches in succession.


M22101B1 absolute maximum ratings: (1) Supply Voltage, VDD: -0.5 to +20V (Ceramic Type) , -0.5 to +18V (Plastic Type) ; (2) InputVoltage VI: -0.5 to VDD +0.5V; (3) DC Input Current(anyone input) II: ±10mA; (4) Total Power Dissipation( per package) : 200mA, Dissipation per Output Transistor for Top=Full Package Temperature Range: 100mW; (5) Operating Temperature: -55 to +125°C( Ceramic Type) , -40 to +85°C (Plastic Type) ; (6) Storage Temperature: -65 to +150°C.


M22101B1 features: (1) low on resistance - 75Ω Typ at VDD=12V; (2) Built-In latached inputs; (3) large analog signal capacity ±VDD/2; (4) 10MHz switvh bandwith; (5) RON=8Ω Typ, at VDD=12V; (6) high linearity -0.25% distortion typ. at f=1kHz, Vin=5V, VDD- VSS=10V, RI=1Ω; (7) standard CMOS noise immunity.


M22101B1 Block Diagraml